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The time of year that single girls loathe is right around the corner: Valentine’s Day. OK, maybe you don’t all hate it, but I do.

Let me explain a little about why I hate Valentine’s Day. The first one I had with “Mark” was complete sh*t. I was expecting a special holiday {blame it on the rom-coms}. I didn’t expect anything crazy but he didn’t even say, “Happy Valentine’s Day.” You know what I did get though? A slap in the face.

Single Valentine's Day Slap GIF

OK so I didn’t literally get slapped in the face but it felt like it. While Mark was taking a shower a text popped up on his phone that read, “Thank you for the roses.” IT WAS FROM HIS EX.

Needless to say, I broke up with Mark. Now do you see why I hate Valentine’s Day?

My biggest problem with Valentine’s Day is that it’s an excuse for guys/girls to show their partners their feelings only one day a year. Shouldn’t we do this with our significant others all the time? I’d rather date a guy who leaves random little notes in my car, buys me flowers just because (or heck, picks the flowers!), tells me he thinks I’m beautiful when I’m wearing no makeup, etc. This is what’s special to me. It doesn’t need to be about Valentine’s Day.

So, to all my single ladies out there let’s vow to properly celebrate Valentine’s {or Galentine’s} Day! {And, let’s definitely celebrate half-priced chocolate day on Feb. 15!}

How to Celebrate a Single Valentine’s Day:

Pamper yourself.

single valentine's day

Start your single Valentine’s Day by pampering yourself! If you can take the day off, do it! Go to the spa, get a blowout {Riley Rollins Salon in Nashville is perfect} or get a manicure! If you can’t take the whole day off, go get a mani or pedi on your lunch break. Shopping is also a great way to spoil yourself!

Go for a Galentine’s Dinner.

single valentine's day

Get a bunch of your single ladies together, slap on the outfit you’ve been wanting to wear {but haven’t had a place to wear it to} and go out for dinner. Eat your favorite food and drink your favorite cocktails. Cheers to YOU!

Go Out with the Gals.

single valentine's day

Another single Valentine’s Day option is to get out to your favorite bar or club and dance the night away. Not only does dancing lift your spirits but it also burns calories! Make sure you wear your best smile and strut your stuff. This is a chance for you to let loose and meet new people and maybe even find a nice guy — or two.

Happy Galentine’s Day!


PS – I’d love to hear from you! Have you had a similar situation? Did your best friend try to get with your ex? Or do you have another dating horror story? Let’s chat about them and maybe I’ll feature you on Bee Honest. Tweet me or leave a comment below.

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