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My first morning in Hanoi, Vietnam was rough. I was jet-lagged from 24 hours of flying (and only a few hours of sleep on a teeny tiny Vietnamese couch) and I was in desperate need of coffee.

We took the motorbike to The Note Coffee — an adorable little cafe in the heart of Hanoi. The coffee shop greeter smiled as we pulled up and pointed to a “parking spot” (AKA the sidewalk). As he got the bike on the sidewalk, we walked in and stood in line to order our coffee. After a quick glance at the menu, I knew I had to order their egg coffee (ca phe trung or cà phê trứng).


After we got our order number, we walked up to the top floor of The Note Coffee, admiring the post-it notes along the way. When I say the cafe is completely covered in post-it love from around the world, I mean it. There are even notes on the ceiling fans (although I’m still not sure who had a ladder to get tot he top of the high ceilings). Most of them are quotes and words of kindness but there are a few drawings and Instagram handles stuck in there (why didn’t I think of that?!).

The coffee arrived pretty quickly and, upon first taste, I was hooked on egg coffee. Although there’s a strong (and delicious) coffee flavor, the layer of frothed egg at the top is the most prominent flavor. It’s way more delicious than it sounds — trust me.

Coffee and the uniqueness of this place aside, the service is impeccable. The staff is so lovely. They bring your food to you, no matter which floor you choose to sit on, and they do so with a smile. As we finished our breakfast, one of the servers came and introduced himself. We had a lengthy chat about his travels and why I chose to come back to Vietnam a second time. I’d definitely call him my first friend in Hanoi.


If you find yourself lost in Hanoi, looking for an egg coffee, stop by The Note Coffee. They’ll serve you with a smile and you’ll be able to leave a note for other travelers. Just don’t blame me when you want to make your own egg coffee at home (but if you do, scroll down)!


After I returned from Hanoi and the jet-lagged subsided, I began searching the internet for the best egg coffee. I found a recipe on Ethnic Spoon and I knew I had to share. Even if you haven’t been to Vietnam, this is a recipe you should try if you’re a coffee lover.

To create this delicious coffee at home, you start with a base of espresso (this is my favorite). You’ll also need an egg yolk, sweetened condensed milk, a hand blender and some cute espresso cups to really get the look. Find the full recipe here and be sure to leave me a comment below if you decide to try it.

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