Valentines Day Travel Gifts
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If you love a traveler, you know that we’re not the easiest to shop for. If you’re shopping for someone with wanderlust this Valentine’s Day, here are some sweet gift ideas.

Travel Piggy Bank

I am obsessed with suitcases — vintage ones, pink ones, fancy ones. I love them all and don’t discriminate. Because of that, I love this travel piggy bank that’s shaped like an old suitcase. It’s perfect for your favorite person’s “Adventure Fund.” This one will get in before Valentine’s Day if you order now on Amazon.

Travel Stub Scrapbook

Any traveler will love this scrapbook. It’s small enough to throw in a bag while traveling. Gift it along with a glue stick and your travel-loving beau will be able to preserve their next adventure as it happens.

Scratch-Off Map

This scratch-off map isn’t just fun, it’s also beautiful. Your Valentine can cross off each country, or state, as they visit them. It’ll be even more fun when you know you’re taking a trip together. This gift is eligible for Prime and includes free shipping. Order yours here.

Pink Desktop Globe

Help the traveler in your life get through a long workday with this adorable desktop globe. It even lights up! That makes it a suitable gift for the mini traveler in your life, too. They can use it as a nightlight. This gift is also expected to arrive well before Valentine’s Day thanks to Amazon.

Toiletry Bag

Shopping for the man in your life? If so, get him this nice Timberland toiletry bag. Men usually have a hard time buying things like this for themselves and, yet, it’s so useful. It comes in a variety of colors, is less than $20 (so it’s great for a new relationship) and will arrive before Feb. 14.

Hanging Toiletry Bag

If your Valentine needs a little more space in a toiletry bag, I recommend this hanging toiletry bag (I love mine!). It’s spacious and makes it super easy to organize your different items. The plastic also helps in case there’s a spill. Order one now and get it in before Feb. 14.

Weekender Bag

If you’re shopping for someone who likes convenience and beauty when traveling, this weekender bag is both. All of the different shades are gorgeous and it fits perfectly on the top of your suitcase for airport ease. You can order yours on Amazon.

Packing Cubes

On my last trip to Vietnam and Thailand, I learned why people are so obsessed with packing cubes! The weather in each country was so different, I was able to color code by location. The purple packing cubes were for Hanoi and the pink cubes were for Bangkok. I brought an extra for dirty clothes. These really keep your luggage organized and this entire set is less than $25.

Luggage Scale

OK so this gift may not exactly be sweet but it would make my Valentine’s Day (I always borrow my mom’s). I’m an avid over-packer and shopaholic when I’m traveling so it’s necessary to weigh my suitcase before, during and after my travel. This one is small, compact and it’s supposed to be highly accurate. This scale is available on Amazon and will get in before Valentine’s Day.


There’s nothing worse than a long flight with nothing to read. The Kindle solves all of those problems, though. Get your loved one a Kindle for their next journey and they can load it with several of their favorite books. These are in stock and, depending on your delivery choice, can arrive ASAP. These are also available on Amazon.

If all else fails, get your Valentine a gift card to their favorite airline or put some cash in their travel fund. We’re always happiest when we’re traveling.


I take all of my recommendations very seriously but I may earn a small commission through my affiliate links. Hey, it helps me buy my dog treats!

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